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As of April 9, it was revealed that EA Access Vault now has another popular game added to their collection. The latest is EA Sports’ NHL 19, the popular hockey title released last year. Gamers who are subscribers can now play the hockey title through their membership. Here are more details on the EA Access Vault.

NHL 19 is now available in EA Access Vault

The excitement of World of CHEL, Hockey Ultimate Team, and of course, playing as your favorite NHL teams or players is now part of EA Access Vault. On Tuesday (Apr. 9), EA Access tweeted out the big news for Twitter to see with NHL 19 cover athlete PK Subban as part of the announcement.

NHL 19 joins several other popular sports games in The Vault for Microsoft Xbox One. Other games include EA’s Madden 19, NBA Live 19, and FIFA 18. A subscription to the service allows gamers to play any of these games, and others. Some of the non-sports titles include Star Wars: Battlefront II and Mass Effect Andromeda.

The great part of this addition is for those who aren’t currently EA Access Vault subscribers. Anyone who signs up and uses the NHL 19 game before June 15 is going to get a free Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) pack. Right now, HUT is running a Stanley Cup event in Ultimate Team, with other events following that. Each event features different themes, challenges, and player cards to collect.

What is the EA Access Vault?

The EA Access Vault is a special subscription service from Electronic Arts Inc. (aka EA) for Microsoft Xbox. There is a large collection of games available online through the Vault for gamers to play as much as they want. In addition, EA Access gives subscribers exclusive early trials and 10 percent off any EA digital purchases for Xbox One.

There is a monthly or an annual subscription available. Monthly plans cost $4.99 a month. The annual plan costs just $29.99, so it’s a savings of 50 percent compared to paying each month for a year.

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The fact of the matter is, if you love games, this membership brings plenty of them for a low fee. NHL 19, Madden 19, and NBA Live 19 each cost $59.99 upon their original release dates for standard versions. While these games go on sale, The Vault now allows gamers to experience these games and more anytime they want.

Get more details at the EA Access Vault site. Also, see our NHL 19 page for more of the latest news on the popular hockey game.